10 Simple Tips on Getting Start with a Social Media Site

It’s a science because you need to test and learn how the different social media tools work. You also need to know the rules of play and learn how to use each platform to maximum effectiveness. But social media is also an art. Writing effective content is a highly creative skill. Those 140 characters of a tweet can cause a follower to click and engage or simply scroll on down. Getting the tone right in your conversation is also important. Choosing the correct tone can win your business, choose the wrong tone and you’re in a Twitterstorm. A simple article with 10 simple tips for newbie to get start with a social media site:

10 Simple Tips on Getting Start with a Social Media Site

1. Make a draft plan of the contents first

Getting started without a plan can lead to a messy start. This will not be good for your company image. So before you make your social media account available, make sure that you planned for its contents and design first.

2. Come up with an editorial calendar

You may have plenty of things you want to share and say. But if you post all of them at the same, people will get confused. Also, you will quickly run out of things to share in the future. So make a timeline and plan which things you want to post first and which ones should follow in a chronological order.

3. Know your target market niche

There are plenty of people that join social media sites. However, you do not really want to reach to all of them. You need to focus on a group of people which are ‘potential customers’. Know who they are.

4. Check for a possibly existing account with a similar name

You do not want people to confuse you for another organization, group, or individual. You do not know how these other accounts are behaving and anything they do might have implications on your company’s image.

5. Try using checkusernames.com to create a unique moniker

If you found out that there are already existing accounts with a similar name or a mockingly similar name, you can go to checkusernames.com to help you come up with an alternative.

6. Know how to lure in the people in your target market niche.

Do you already have a clear vision of who your target market niche is? The next thing you need to figure out is how you can lure them in. You need to make a research on the things that interest them. For example, if your products are cosmetics and your target market niche are women, then perhaps some video content about makeup tricks will lure them in.

7. Ready high quality graphics

Sometimes, it is not the content but the appearance. What really draws some people into a social media profile is the looks of it. You can make your profile page look more attractive by using pictures, photographs, and images. If you are good in Photoshop, you can try www.canva.com to design your graphics. It is quite to use as Canva provide drag-and-drop feature with standard format for most social media platform.

8. Ready high quality short articles, comments, posts

After luring them in with flamboyant graphics and attractive page design, your people will start looking for content. If they find nothing, they will leave. For some juicy content, you can hire people to write short articles, comments, and posts.

9. Make sure that you have the resources to regularly maintain a social media account

Yes, it is free to sign up to Facebook and Twitter. But you will need to hire graphics artists, video editors, content writers, and maintenance crew. And if you need to advertise, you will probably need to pay these social media sites. Make sure that you have a budget for it.

10. Check to see if having a social media account will really be of help to your company or if it will just be a liability

There are a lot benefits in having a social media account for your company. But there are also dangers. You need to analyze if you can take these risks head on. Know the dangers and risks of having a social media account and see if it is worth it.

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